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Our Website Development Team needs some help! was created 5 years ago as an output from the Cuddington Parish “Village Plan”.  The main aim has been to raise awareness of existing services, activities and facilities in the village and to communicate news and opinion which embraces  all village sources.  The Parish Council continue sponsorship and support for the website.

The website is typically visited by 2,000 ‘unique visitors’ each month and receives ~3,500 visits per month, with users accessing multiple pages each visit.

The Website Development Team are tasked with regular validation and updating of all the information displayed.  They aim to ensure that the News / What’s On sections of the website always remain up-to-date and relevant.


We urgently need:

  • Help from two or three local residents who can check out and document news stories and validate some of the ‘Directory’ information

  • Technical help to update the various pages within the website.

Please contact us by sending an email to Russ Smith at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.