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The following Ofcom website:  supplies mobile phone coverage (for voice, 3G & 4G data), by postcode, but also broadband speeds, TV and DAB coverage. 


  1. click on the link and then click "directly from a web browser",
  2. enter the Postcode for your area of interest,
  3. select your Network Provider  +  Signal Type (ie Voice, 3G or 4G data) +  Outdoor/Indoor choice.

The following BT Openreach website: Openreach checker  shows the status of 'superfast' broadband in your area.

Some feedback from a meeting with
Antoinette Sandbach, MP
(Feb 2017):

Mobile phone usage:

Antoinette stated that people should contact the mobile ‘phone company immediately if they purchase a handset and find that it doesn’t work at their address.  They should be able to return it and get a refund.

She said that people could operate their mobile ‘phones over their broadband link via VOIP (see ) with services such as Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime.  In addition there are certain hardware solutions which can enhance mobile reception in the home, such as 'Femtocell', click here for a clearer explanation.

She provided a link to information that she has pulled together:

She also encouraged the use of the Ofcom app for android mobile phones  .

Antoinette also pointed out that there is a survey available from her campaigns page .

Broadband coverage:

Some of the sites marked as unable to get fast broadband on the Ofcom map look suspect so the best way to find out about the broadband coverage is to input your telephone number into OpenReach’s web page and check there

Antoinette suggested a community approach presumably as described in  . She also suggested that people could ask for fibre to the home, which she claimed would add £10,000 to the value of their house.