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Cuddington and Sandiway  - R.M.Bevan; privately published 1975.

Cuddington and Sandiway: The History of Two Cheshire Villages - The Local History Group, edited by Frank Latham 1975.

Cuddington Vale - Robert Carstairs published by The Society for the Preservation of Rural Cuddington.

Cuddington and Sandiway - a collection of old photographs, R.M.Bevan, Cheshire Country Publishing, 1986. ISBN: 0949001015

Cuddington in Weaverham - Township Pack No.51 published by Cheshire County Council 1995.

Cuddington and Sandiway 2000 - R.M.Bevan published by Cheshire Country Publishing 2000.

John  Douglas - Roger King, published by Northwich and District Heritage Society.

Local Walks around Sandiway and Cuddington - Produced by Cuddington Parish Council © 2012 - Click Here for further reading

The Story of Delamere House and Delamere Park - A.D.Coxhead and R.M.Bevan, CC Publishing 2008

Oakmere Cricket Club: 40th Anniversary Celebrations handbook - printed in 1994 with the help of Mark Bevan

A Brief History of Cuddington & Sandiway Playing Fields and its New Village Hall - Roger King 2010, presented to attendees of the grand opening of the hall - Click Here for further reading

William Horner and his Creamery - Jill E. King, CC Publishing 2012.

The Notables of Cuddington, Sandiway and Delamere Park - by Jill King, published in November 2016 by CC Publishing
     - focuses on a number of village residents, both past and present, who have made a difference to the world beyond our village
     - Click Here for more details.

     - by Jill King, released in September 2018 by CC Publishing
     - documents the lives of the 32 servicemen whose names are listed on the brass memorial plaque in St. John's Church, Sandiway
     - Click Here for more details.

FOUR LIVES - Pioneer, Slave Owner, Poet, Schoolteacher
     - by Jill King, released in March 2020 by CC Publishing
     - follows the lives of four individuals with strong connections to Cuddington, Sandiway and its environs and all with a very different story to tell.
     - Click Here for more details.

The Lives and Loves of the Delameres
     - by R.M.Bevan, released in January 2021 by CC Publishing
     - price £10.95 (UK postage free)
Was there ever a Cheshire family to match the Delameres of Vale Royal? Five barons and nine wives, many of them immersed in scandal and controversy, from the first Lady Delamere’s dalliances with Lord Byron to the most notorious of them all, the “White Queen of Africa” who may have pulled off the perfect murder that has so baffled the world for decades. And what of the 3rd Baron who sold Vale Royal down the river to help found a nation?

The following book has been recently published:
Four Houses - Ashbank House, The Old Mill House, White Lodge, The Round Tower
     - by Jill King, released in May 2021 by CC Publishing
     - Click Here for more details.
The stories of four fascinating houses, and those that lived in them for over 200 years.

Also recently released are the following free publications:
'Marvellous Days Out', published by the Mid Cheshire Community Rail Partnership. Wonderfully illustrated with watercolours and period posters - Cuddington Station is on the front. Available from local stations.  Press Here for more information on the booklet, including Rail Walks in Cheshire West.

'The Ridge: Rocks and Springs - a sandstone legacy' published by the Sandstone Ridge Trust 2017. This substantial and excellently produced 131 page book is a must for those with an interest in local heritage. Available from libraries and information Centres or the Trust's website.  Press Here for more information.


Other books relating to areas close by include:

'Vale Royal' A history of the Abbey and nearby villages in the Ancient Forest of Delamere - the Local History Group - edited by Frank Latham - 1993.

'Delamere' - the Local History Group - edited by Frank Latham - 1991

Delamere Forest Golf Club - 'The First 100 Years,  1910 - 2010'. Bill Briggs pub.2010

The Green Collars - The Tarporley Hunt Club & Cheshire Hunting History.
Gordon Ferguson 1993 foreword by HRH The Prince of Wales - a magnificent volume with many local references.

Something slightly different - 'The Forest of the Night' by Chris Kelly who spent his childhood at the White Barn. This novel is loosely set in the local area. 1991