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Address - Cuddington and Sandiway Village Hall, The Playing Field, Norley Road, Cuddington, CW8 2LB

The Village Hall and Youth and Community Centre are closed until permitted to open again, hopefully in early December

Afternoon Tea - First Thursday in every month (except January), 2pm–4pm. £1.50. Come along for tea & cakes and chat (CANCELLED for the moment due to CoronaVirus threat)

Film Night - Normally operates on the second Wednesday of the month between September and April, starting at 7:30pm.  Admission has been £3.50, including refreshments after the show.  (Suspect there will be no return until the 2021-22 season.)
Film Night has been cancelled for the present due to the CoronaVirus pandemic.

250 Club winners - June's Bumper Draw:
     1st prize (£200) winner: member number 18 of Greenfield Way, Cuddington
     2nd prize (£100) winner: member number 173 of Greenfield Way, Cuddington
250 Club winners - July's Draw:
     1st prize (£40) winner: member number 93 of Norley Road, Cuddington
     2nd prize (£20) winner: member number 100 of Cartledge Close, Cuddington
250 Club winners - August's Draw:
     1st prize (£40) winner: member number 61 of Hadrian Way, Sandiway
     2nd prize (£20) winner: member number 9 of Park Crescent, Cuddington
250 Club winners - September's Draw:
     1st prize (£40) winner: member 129 c/o Stirling Close, Hartford
     2nd prize (£20) winner: member 119 of St John’s Way, Sandiway
250 Club winners - October's Draw:
     1st prize (£40) winner: member number 254 of Warrington Road, Cuddington
     2nd prize (£20) winner: member number 72 of Warrington Road , Cuddington

250 Club winners - November's Draw:
     1st prize (£40) winner: member number 87 of Chester Road, Sandiway
     2nd prize (£20) winner: member number 8 of Fawns Leap, Delamere Park

Message from the management committee:
Our village is fortunate to have such an excellent village hall and playing fields. I'm not sure how many residents realise that both are run by a small team of volunteers. Indeed raising the funds for the hall, overseeing its design and construction, maintaining the fabric of the building and overseeing the operation of the hall was (and continues to be) the work of a small group of individual residents.
However we have to confess that a number of the original group are now in their 80's and are looking forward to being a little less involved. As a result we're now seeking additional volunteers to ensure that the village continues to have a vibrant and successful village hall. 
If you would like to know more please ring either Helen Webster on 01606-888931 or Val Godfrey on 07817-214002.

Click picture below to visit Village Hall website ( ) for enquiries, bookings, to join the 250 club or see the timetable of regular events (please contact organisers before attending)

Alternatively see Village Hall Noticeboard by the Car Park Entrance or ring 888366 or 888931.