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Neighbourhood Watch - What is it?

Neighbourhood Watch, sometimes known as Home Watch, is nationwide and one of the most successful crime prevention initiatives ever. The idea behind Neighbourhood Watch (NW) schemes is that neighbours come together to build community safety awareness and promote neighbourliness. They are led by volunteer coordinators who work with their neighbours and the local PCSO and police officers to address any local crime issues and undertake crime prevention activities. Coordinators receive information from the police to pass on to neighbours and encourage their neighbours to pass information about anything suspicious to police. Schemes can be large, covering for example, most of the households on an estate, or they might involve just half a dozen houses. Amongst the advantages of joining established NW schemes are that they are proven to reduce local crime such as burglary, vandalism, car thefts and thefts from cars. Better community spirit is also fostered, and crime prevention advice can be efficiently and quickly circulated throughout a community.

How do I get involved?

To find out if there is already a NW scheme in your area, go to and enter your postcode. If there is a scheme that already covers where you live you can ask to join it and the coordinator for the scheme will be in touch with you.

If there isn’t a scheme nearby, you can consider setting one up. You can do this through the "ourwatch" website by clicking to create a scheme. Alternatively, send an email to the mailbox for the Cheshire Neighbourhood Watch Association: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Cheshire Neighbourhood Watch Association was constituted in 2016 to promote and support NW schemes across Cheshire, and they work in partnership with Cheshire Police and the Police and Crime Commissioner. Assistance is available to residents wishing to join a scheme, to coordinators wishing to re-invigorate their existing scheme, and for those wishing to start new NW schemes. The volunteer team at CNWA can update details on the NW database, provide general advice and support, and send out Coordinator Packs containing all of the materials needed to get started, including leaflets and stickers. They can be contacted using the mailbox: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

More information also obtainable from our PCSO, Michelle Gillett.


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Neighbourhood Watch Week (5th – 11th June) is almost upon us and with so many online and face-to-face ways to LISTEN. TALK. DO! with your community - how will you be joining in? Will you have having a Covid-19 safe Big Lunch? Will you be booking onto a crime prevention webinar? Find out more in the newsletter and drop a quick email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let us know what you have planned!

Thank you to everyone who shared our PROTECT YOUR POOCH campaign – to watch the very informative recorded webinar follow the link in the  newsletter.

For anyone who has a spare few minutes please take a moment to complete our Insights Survey (details below) and share the below with all you contacts – whether they are Neighbourhood Watch supporters or not. All the feedback we receive is so valuable to us.

A key part of our strategy is to promote the perception of Neighbourhood Watch as “neighbours watching out for each other, building safer and more inclusive communities”. To do this effectively, we need to better understand the current public perception of Neighbourhood Watch by members and non-members alike.

Please take a moment to complete our survey and share this link with your friends and colleagues - even those who are not Neighbourhood Watch members so we can obtain as broad a range of views from as diverse a range of people as possible.



While the past year has brought much hardship and sadness, we have also seen a surge in neighbourliness and community spirit, and Neighbourhood Watch is playing their part to help sustain this into the future.

With 2.3 million members, local Neighbourhood Watch groups and volunteers have been at the heart of supporting communities - helping neighbours to connect and support each other, as well as maintaining their traditional role of helping to prevent crime and keep people safe.

The annual Neighbourhood Watch Week 2021 (5th-11th June 2021) presents an opportunity for members and non-members alike to build on the connections made before and during lockdown, to build community resilience and stay connected as England and Wales ease with trepidation out of lockdown.

Neighbourhood Watch are offering a range of online and face-to-face activities for people to engage in either individually or as a community. They are encouraging everyone to participate in ways they feel comfortable with - but always within Covid-19 government guidelines.

Supporting communities is all about listening first and foremost, so to kick off the week Neighbourhood Watch is encouraging communities to listen to each other by joining in with the Big Lunch – a national annual event promoted by Eden Project Communities. Running a listening campaign is another way to listen to and understand the needs of your community and Neighbourhood Watch have produced a ‘How to Run a Listening Campaign’ guide for those who want to get started with this. For those who prefer to listen from the comfort and safety of their home, Neighbourhood Watch is running online crime prevention webinars and sharing a ‘Listening Out for Your Community’ podcast.

With many people feeling anxious about lockdown lifting or feeling increasingly isolated, Neighbourhood Watch have created an ‘Every Mind Matters’ postcard to support neighbours with initiating conversations. They also have a guide on how to set up a ‘Calling Tree’ to reach out to the vulnerable or isolated via the telephone. Talking to neighbours at a community walkthrough enables a deeper understanding of the needs and strengths of the community from others’ point of view. To guide you in how to do this, Neighbourhood Watch have created a ‘How to Conduct an Environmental Visual Audit’ guide.

For those who are ready to engage in community face-to-face activities, Neighbourhood Watch have created guides on ‘How to Organise a Litter Pick’ and ‘How to Organise a Street Party’ – to enable communities to prepare to celebrate Neighbourhood Watch’s 40th Anniversary in 2022.

Neighbourhood Watch Week is just one of the events happening across the UK as part of the launch of the ‘Month of Community’ in June. It is all about creating a focal point in the year to bring people together to reconnect, celebrate what’s local, and help bolster the recovery effort with something that touches everyone. They are calling for you to join in however it works for you and your community, whether that’s to say cheers to volunteers, connect with your neighbours, support a cause you care about or simply to say thank you to those who may have helped you during the lockdown period.

Events include:
● Volunteers Week 1-7 June
● The Big Lunch from 5 June
● Neighbourhood Watch Week 5-11 June
● Carers Week 7-13 June
● Loneliness Awareness Week 14-18 June
● Refugee Week 14-20 June
● Small Charity Week 14-19 June
● The Great Get Together 18-20 June
● Thank You Day 4 July

To find out more about Neighbourhood Watch Week 2021 and the Month of Community visit