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Cuddington, Delamere Park & Sandiway Village Plan 

Parish or Village Plans aim to give local areas greater involvement in deciding what they want to see happening in their communities over the short to medium term.

Work started in February 2013. 2,400 household surveys were delivered to homes in the area. There were 888 responses, a 36.8% response rate. The age and gender profile of respondents matched well with the official 2011 census data for the area.

The plan was completed in early 2015 and adopted by the Parish Council in July 2015. The plan aims to:

  •           Reflect the views of all sections of the community
  •           Identify those aspects of the community which people most value
  •           Identify any local problems and opportunities
  •           Set out priorities for changes to meet the community’s wishes
  •           Prepare a plan of action for the next 5 years
  •           Influence bids for funding of community projects

Click here for Village Plan Summary    [Beware: VERY large file (14mB) - only download on fast internet]

Click here for full Village Plan Report  [Beware: VERY VERY large file (25mB) - only download on fast internet]

The Implementation Steering Group worked between 2015 and 2017 and consisted of 3 Working Groups. Their reports and recommendations are below together with the Chairman's introduction.

Click here for Chaiman's Introduction to Implementation Group Final Report October 2017

Click here for Environment Report

Click here for Facilities & Communities Report

Click here for Traffic & Transport Report

The Implementation Groups' 3 reports then went to the Parish Council for them to consider their recommendations and specific responses.

Press here for response from Parish Council to VP final report recommendations

The Parish Council then produced a policy document "Here are some of what the Parish Council do".  The document includes most of the recommendations in the Village Plan final report.   Press here to view document.

Click here for Minutes of Meeting with the Danebridge GP Practice 17Nov2016
Click here for "Survey of School Children – Final Report"

Feedback on meeting with Antoinette Sandbach, MP

Implementation Steering Group Action Notes are listed below (click on month required):
Jan 2017     Feb 2017         Mar 2017      April 2017   May 2017     June 2017
July 2017    August 2017     September 2017    October 2017