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Sandiway Surgery Update: Focus Group Reports & Survey Results from Danebridge


The four focus groups held by Danebridge and the Clinical Commissioning Group have now been completed and reports on each session have been sent to patients who attended and have also been posted on the Danebridge website.  Their observations were:

    Session 1: Medications and repeat prescriptions

    Session 2: Dropping off samples

    Session 3: Appointment booking

    Session 4: New Models of Care

Danebridge has claimed that there have been NO COMPLAINTS (zero complaints) from patients about the proposed closure of the Surgery during the last year (see bottom of Session 3 report).

Have you complained about the closure plan and written to the surgery?  If so, you might wish to remind them.


In parallel to these Focus Groups, a Survey of Danebridge patients was arranged by the Clinical Commissioning Group to gather a wider feedback on these topics during April and early May.  Apparently 180 people responded to this survey and the results are made available below.

Survey results:

    Medications and repeat prescriptions

    Dropping off samples

    Appointment booking