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Rail News for May - revised timetable!

Up to Saturday 15 May:

Resulting from the pandemic situation, the Monday to Saturday train service on the Mid Cheshire Line has reverted to 2-hourly for the present.  PRESS HERE for the revised timetable for up to 15 May.

At Cuddington, the Monday to Saturday service will be:
   To Manchester 0713, 0923, 1123, 1323, 1523, 1723, 1922, 2123
   To Chester      0815, 0948, 1148, 1348, 1548, 1748, 1947, 2148

In addition to the trains listed above, the 0804 from Stockport and 1000 from Chester will resume Mondays to Fridays, calling at Cuddington at 0859 to Chester and 1023 to Manchester (actually extended to Oxford Road). Commencing 17 May, there will probably be an hourly service, Monday to Saturday, at roughly the same times as before the pandemic, i.e departing Cuddington at 23 minutes past the hour to Manchester and 48 past to Chester.

After Saturday 15 May:

PRESS HERE for the revised timetable for all services after 15 May - services are (almost) back to normal.

Always check before you travel, alterations can happen at short notice:, or 0800 200 6060.