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44 Weekly update from your PCSO


I will be holding my other PCSO surgeries as follows

WEAVERHAM PARISH -WEAVERHAM community centre carpark CW83HY 

Saturday 3rd September 1200-1300 hours 



Sunday 4th September 1200-1300 hours



Monday 5th September 1200-1300 hours



Saturday 24th September 1200-1300 hours


CUDDINGTON PARISH - DELAMERE PARK leisure centre carpark CW82UJ 

Sunday 25th September 1200-1300 hours



Monday 26th September 1200-1300 hours


Have you say and complete the resident voice survey attached to highlight your community issues/concerns


A Neighbourhood Watch meeting is being held at CUDDINGTON & SANDIWAY VILLAGE HALL, NORLEY ROAD, CUDDINGTON, NORTHWICH, CW82LA on FRIDAY 9TH SEPTEMBER 1830-1930 hours to recruit more coordinators/members for NORTHWICH/WINSFORD.

Statistics from NW prove areas that have a scheme running experience less crime than areas without

Our aim is to recruit more coordinators for all Streets, Roads and new Housing estates to share our crime updates, helping to reduce crime to become a safer community.

Please come along to sign up.  FREE property marking kits will be issued as a preventive measure of crime.  These kits are unique and registered to you ONLY. Should you become a victim of crime and your property found then it can be identified and returned. 

If you are unable to attend please feel free to contact your local PCSO for more details.

Existing coordinators are all welcome!

Parking patrol has been conducted on WALNUT AVENUE following double parking concerns preventing emergency vehicles to safely pass. Further patrols will be made.

Patrol has been made around BOUNDARY LANE PARK, THE QUARRY, KENNEL LANE.

Weaver and Cuddington beat team have held a street surgery this morning showing visibility while engaging with customers at TESCO STORESD WEAVERHAM.  Thank you all that completed our resident voice survey.

Foot patrol around OWLEY WOOD on SATURDAY.  Nice engaging with OWLEY WOOD BOWLING TEAM competing in a national competition.  Good luck all!

Parking restrictions placed well in advance at WEAVERHAM CRICKET CLUB in preparation for SATURDAYS match V KNUTSFORD.    Good luck all!!

This week I have made 6 reassurance visits to vulnerable members of our community.

Scammers are impersonating British Gas with fake emails tempting recipients to click a link to get a fake energy refund.
It's not the first time that scammers have capitalised on the cost of living crisis to cash in on your money worries – we've seen a number of fake refunds, giveaways and gift cards all attempting to steal your personal and financial details.


This email scam offers you a refund of £315 for overpayment of energy in 2020-2021. Any official energy refund is managed through the British Gas website and your online account, not over emails like this. So you can disregard it.


The email uses the official British Gas logo and branding and is addressed to your email address. 

Although the email looks seemingly legitimate, addressing you by your email address and not your name is a potential giveaway that it's from a fraudster.


The scam email reads: ‘British Gas wants to inform you that you are eligible for a payment refund. Our records indicates [sic] that you have paid more than you should have for your British Gas service from 2020 - 2021.

‘Because of this reason and that we value our clients we have decided to refund the total amount which you have overpaid.’

It then lists the refund amount as £315 and includes a dodgy link with the words ‘Claim your refund now!’ on it.

The email also includes a bogus reference number to give the impression that it's authentic.


Suspicious emails claiming to be from British Gas can be forwarded to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  You can also report scam emails by forwarding them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and make sure to never click on any links within the email. Make sure to use Hotmail’s 'Report phishing' button and Gmail’s 'Report spam' button to report scam emails.


Weaver and Cuddington beat team have been busy this afternoon bike marking members of our community bicycles.  To mark and protect your bike please contact us.  For more info The National Cycle Database | BikeRegister

Cheshire Police Crime Commissioner has funded 3 x speed devices for all our trained community speed watch volunteers to use, helping us to keep our community safe.  If you are interested in joining our team of volunteers, please message me.

PCSO Michelle


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Michelle Gillett (Cheshire Police, Northwich LPU, Weaver and Cuddington PCSO)

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