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Cheshire West and Chester Council are responsible for most of the services provided in the area.  See:

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Planning applications are dealt with by Cheshire West and Chester Council.  Most applications are determined under delegated authority by Council Officers.  The remainder are determined by the Council’s planning committee which consists of elected Councillors.  Prior to the determination of a planning application there is a consultation period during which anyone may submit objections, support, comments, observations in writing/on line.  The Council will not normally answer questions contained in these submissions.  Residents are free to contact their Cheshire West and Chester Councillor about a planning application.  Cuddington Parish Council are a consultee for all planning applications in their area.  These are considered at each Parish Council meeting and objections / comments forwarded to the planning authority.

CWaC Planning Portal

CWaC Planning Application Monthly Lists

CWaC Planning and Building Consultancy / Advice


In January 2016 Cheshire West and Chester Council approved the implementation of 20 MPH speed limits on residential roads across the borough where:

  • Mean speeds are currently less than 24 MPH ; and
  • Around schools where the mean speed is currently less than 30 MPH

The Council has approved a capital budget to deliver a programme of signed only schemes over a period of four years.

Cheshire Police will support 20 MPH signed only speed limits that meet the criteria. On roads that meet Department of Transport criteria, there will be no requirement for the Police to carry out additional enforcement above existing levels.

The Council have identified 223 zones covering 740km of highway that may meet the criteria and all these zones will require speed limit assessment. Priority has been based on zones with the higher number of schools and higher number of recorded injury collisions. Within Cuddington and Sandiway there are 7 such zones.

Each scheme will be assessed in turn and will involve a week long traffic survey along key roads to determine the average speed of vehicles. Schemes meeting the criteria for a 20 MPH speed limit will have a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) advertised where the public have an opportunity to object to the proposals.

Approximately two weeks before the TRO is advertised, every resident affected by a proposed 20 MPH limit will receive a letter informing them of the proposal and how to object should they wish to do so. The CWAC Councillors and the Parish Council will receive a letter approximately one week before every resident receives their letter.

All the zones being looked at in Cuddington and Sandiway if accepted are scheduled to be implemented during Year 2 of the programme; that is April 2017- March 2018.


Many services provided by the Council are subject to a “REPORT IT” scheme such as the reporting of pot holes in the road, pavement trip hazards, fly tipping, blocked drains causing flooding on road. The list is extensive. You are encouraged to report via the website ( Click here ). You may also report by phone or at a Council Service Centre.


Council policy is to improve recycling rates and reduce the amount of waste going to landfill. Everyone is encouraged to recycle. The appropriate boxes are obtainable free from the Council. It is important that the contents of bins and boxes do not blow away in the wind. Lids to boxes are provided by the Council or alternatively the contents may be secured in other ways.

To help increase food waste recycling we need to raise awareness and help make it even easier for our customers to recycle more food waste.  The Recycle First collection service collects your food waste every week. 

To find out what you can recycle visit:

If you wish to order new or extra recycling containers please visit:

To find out about what happens to the food waste collected, click on
Simply select ‘Food Waste’ from the drop down box on the page, which will then provide you with a map showing the journey your food waste is taking from the Recycle First depot to the food waste re-processor. Check out the Short animation showing how the material is actually recycled.


These should be reported to the Council in cases where the hedge or tree are Council owned or clearly the responsibility of the Council. If not Cuddington Parish Council may be able to help.


The Council grit the roads in anticipation of bad weather in accordance with priorities established and which are regularly reviewed. There are primary routes and when completed the Council will do the secondary routes. However, it is possible to contact the Council and request an area to be gritted. It is also possible for the Council to supply a grit bin at roadside in appropriate locations.


If you have any issues relating to the work of the Council you should as a first step contact the Council. Should you feel that your issue has not been handled satisfactorily, it is suggested that you contact your Cheshire West and Chester Councillor. They are listed below and all represent Weaver and Cuddington Ward.

Councillor Harry Tonge,  

Poole Bank Lodge, Waste Lane, Kelsall, Cheshire CW8 0PE

 Click here for Contact Details


Councillor Charles Fifield

Willow Cottage, Cliff Road, Acton Bridge, Cheshire CW8 3QR

 Click here for Contact Details


Councillor Paul Willams

West Ridge, Shadybrook Lane, Weaverham, Cheshire CW8 3PN

 Click here for Contact Details